ePace: Changing
perceptions through
emotional connection

The client
ePace is an electronic aptitude
testing system designed to
help teachers understand pupil
learning ability and personalise
teaching methods.

The challenge
A perception problem. Although
highly beneficial and widely
praised by teachers, ePace lacked
the confident look and feel of a
thoroughly and professionally
developed product, which
undermined the perception
of its many advantages.

Our role
Situation analysis, new product positioning,
rebrand and re-framed communications.

The solution
When comparing ePace to similar B2B services, we
realised that although developed by academics to enhance
educational processes, it was a highly intuitive and practical
tool, focused on pupils’ strengths rather than weaknesses.
This positive principle had a uniquely empowering effect,
not only on teachers but in particular, on pupils and their
parents. It offered a platform for the three parties to work
collaboratively, improving pupils’ performance by building
upon their individual learning style. We felt that the new
brand should be built on a strong emotional connection with
its subjects, the pupils. By making the children of various
school ages central to the brand expression we created
a brand that virtually embodies its purpose and vision.

The outcomes
By ’changing the subject’, switching the focus from
the academic to emotional, we have found an edge
to the ePace brand no one expected. This ’disruptive’
approach has given the brand an acute sense of
relevance and vibrancy, generating greater awareness
and interest from schools across the UK and beyond.