Vantage: Designing
a brand experience
from welcome pack
to interior space

The client
Vantage is a residential
development in Putney, London.

The challenge
Built around a structure of a
1950’s modernist office block,
it cuts an edgy, almost futuristic
silhouette in contrast with just
about everything that surrounds
it. Vantage needed to articulate
a bold statement that challenged
conventions and offered the best
of the contemporary urban living.

Our role
Market appraisal brand identity, communications strategy,
interior design, marketing communications, website.

The solution
Though stylish and architecturally accomplished, Vantage
needed a confident proposition to make its unusual offering
both rationally and emotionally relevant to buyers, some
of whom had never considered moving to the London
borough of Putney. We felt that the charismatic design
of the building itself best expressed the developer’;s
ambition to produce a property worthy of a sophisticated
buyer. So we positioned the development as a place for
elevated living and followed with a distinctive visual style
based on the express angularity of the building itself.
In contrast we used immersive imagery to illustrate the
intimate and inviting nature of the surrounding area.

The outcome
An integrated solution consistently
communicated from interior design to
the welcome pack supported across
advertising, online and print. Over 50%
of the property was under contract to
the desired buyer profile three months
before the development’s completion.